With our hectic schedules and eccentric timings, our health is deteriorating due to lack of rest. We try to fit in too much in our daily 24 hours, without taking time out for ourselves. In the long run, these small errors create big health issues for us such as hunched backs, arthritis, obesity and more. However, there is a solution that won't need you to go out of the house to relax - recliner chairs.

Lift recliners are built to provide relaxation to tensed muscles. These chairs have soft padding all over with an extra soft cushioned seat. As the name suggests, the back of this chair can be reclined so you can lie down and stretch your body. The footrest is provided to straighten out your legs after a long day.

As we grow older, out bones become weaker and our metabolism decreases. Lift recliner chairs can be a huge advantage for the elderly or disabled since they come with stair-lifts that help bring a person into a standing position without having to strain themselves. Normal recliners can take up to 600 lbs of weight, but there are heavy duty versions as well that can easily take more than 700 lbs of weight.

Lift recliners are available in options of 2-position or 3-position features. The former comes with a reclining position and a lift position and do not go back completely, so you can't sleep in them. The latter comes with both these positions as well as recline to a sleeping position of 135 degrees. Another type is the infinite position chair that can be reclined to become flat as a bed.

The recliner functions are controlled automatically so you don't have to manually set the positions. The user is usually provided with a remote control or the buttons are provided near the arm rests of the lift recliner chair. The electric motor is usually located at the base of the chair.

The inception of this chair is rather old, however, many more features have been added to increase its functionality and comfort. The motor, for instance, is now electrical, in place of the spring motor that was used earlier. Most new lift recliners also come with advanced comfort options such as internal heating and massagers. These are in-built and provide instant relaxation to tensed muscles and help regulate blood flow.