Besides the need to take the load off our feet, chairs make the home and office look beautiful. While they function in these two capacities, they are also required to provide comfort and convenience while we use them. By virtue of its design, a tub chair is able to deliver all these qualities. This chair has a circular shape. The back rest combines with the arms rest in one piece, providing solid secure support for both the arms and the back. The arm support is particularly useful for the purposes of reading, knitting, playing games or working. There are slight variations on the designs of the back of the tub chair, some rise gradually from the arm rest and peak at the back while others have a low back which is the same level all round.

Leather tub chairs suit many deco types. They are able to offer rich, warm textures and tones that are usually required in more traditional types of deco. These chairs also have the ability to give that clean sophisticated look to any modern deco. Leather is luxurious and yet very easy to maintain and with the proper care, can last for many years. A damp cloth easily removes any spills and a cream made for leather furniture restores its natural shine and texture. For this reason, leather chairs are found in dining rooms and kitchens, not just lounges and offices.

When tub chairs are used in an office, whether at home or at work, the seat should rotate. Swivel tub chairs with wheels offer mobility, comfort and convenience. The most convenient position to be in while working at an office desk is sitting. While sitting however some movement is still required. This movement is usually a short distance between a desk and a cabinet. The movement might also be a 360° turn to celebrate some good news. Swivel chairs usually have a stainless steel frame for strength and durability. They can be purchased from any good office furniture retailer or on line, where there are plenty of good deals and discounts.

A leather swivel tub chair can also be custom made. This gives the purchaser the opportunity to decide the exact shape and color the chair should be, making the chair perfectly suitable for its intended use.