With so many features available on even the standard office chair, picking the perfect chair for you can be complicated. There is a huge variety of different styles, upholstery and color options available on the market today. Many considerations are necessary in order to find the right office chair or furniture for you.

With all of the options to choose from, finding your perfect office chair can be as involved as designing your home interior. In upholstery alone, you can have your choice of leather, mesh, vinyl and several types of standard fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns. Then you still have to decide between metal or wood base with titanium or black finishes and which casters are best, not to mention which upgrades are needed. There is a lot involved.

Leather comes in many different grades and in many different styles. The leather dye that is used is also made of different levels of quality, making the outcome vary. The most desired office chair covering in an executive chair model would be Italian top grain leather, a high end option available in many different chair styles. Leather also comes in many different standard grades. Most custom chairs feature 2-3 different grades of leather from suede to cowhide patchwork to top grain leather. You should know which of these leathers you are buying and pay accordingly to the grades offered.

One of the most expensive options for custom seating, leather, can add anywhere from thirty to eighty percent to the original price, depending on grade. Similar to cars, many people cannot imagine owning an office chair without the upholstery being leather.

Mesh chairs are another style quickly gaining new popularity in the market today with the Herman Miller Aeron Mesh Chair having more inquiries than any other office chair online specifically. Many news programs and tv series are even using a mesh chair model in their studio program. Air flow to the skin similar to that of window screens or sheer fabric material, allows the user's body to stay at a comfortable body temperature and regulate more effectively.

Typically in a black colored material for the mesh backing, the option for the seat cushion is usually available with leather or fabrics in several colors. Some models of mesh chairs are also gaining popularity and are made completely of steel, looking very sleek and sturdy compared to the fabric models, very modern.

Fabric upholstery can offer you the widest range of options in colors and patterns. Fabric options can extend from cotton all the way to synthetic fibers. Color options are endless and patterns can range from tropical to traditional with a wide availability of color schemes. When it comes to most standard task chairs, they are featured in the options of burgundy, navy, green, gray and black for ordering in stock. Other fabric colors and patterns are usually available in custom ordered office seating only.

Some office chairs and stools are made in vinyl and other wipeable fabric types. These chair upholstery options are perfect for the office environment where cleanliness and wipe-ability would be most important, such as a dentist's office or a children's center. The vinyl material can also be a great choice when it comes to getting an economy model with the right adjustability upgrades and a lower price tag.

Always make sure that when choosing an office chair, you consider your workplace situation and all of the various conditions that apply. Making sure that the upholstery is right for your needs can make a big difference in how comfortable and at ease you are in your office chair. With so many options available, you should be able to find the perfect covering for your office chair.