Most people don't recognize the versatility and appeal of a well chosen or well crafted chair. Yet, people spend a good portion of their busy day either sitting or looking for someplace to sit. Seating is provided at home, in the classroom, the office, and during special events; special occasions, however, offer us the opportunity to sit in the most comfortable and luxurious chairs. Many a voice is raised in thanks when they sink into the comfort of a well chosen chair, resting tired feet after a hectic day.

For banquet events there is a large selection of chair types available, both functional and aesthetic. The term "banquet chair" is inclusive of chairs used for formal and casual parties, seminars, religious gatherings, and conferences or meetings. The difference between the traditional chair and the banquet chair is not immediately noticed by most people, if it is noticed at all. Yet, anyone who takes the time to notice will recognize that the traditional chairs that they use on a daily basis are harder and more inflexible than banquet chairs. Chairs used for banquet purposes are often cushioned and are made with a sturdier frame, often of steel, to better meet the comfort needs of those sitting for long periods of time.

Choosing the chair type you would like may not be as easy as you would think since there are many different types of events; formal, professional, and casual. The length of seating time, the activities, and the type of occasion will often dictate what color and style is chosen for the chair. One common example is the wide, tall, cushioned chairs provided for day long seminars. Comfort is the first thing sought but the event type will determine the level of comfort needed.

The purchaser must consider the occasion, the mood of the banquet, but also choose from many banquet themes when making his chair choice. Banquet chairs at a wedding often share a common color and design scheme to create an elegant and classy atmosphere. The table style, color, and height should also play a part in choosing your banquet chairs. Avoid purchasing inexpensive plastic chairs as they tend to be more uncomfortable. At the same time don't assume that the most luxurious chairs are the best option.

Aesthetic appeal is not as important if the chairs are used solely for meal seating. Chairs need not be ornate and heavy since few are likely to compare or comment on the quality of the chair. This is beneficial for socializing, mingling, and other activities. When chairs are heavy mingling is left to only those who can move the heavy chair.

To minimize complaints and ensure an enjoyable time for your guests keep them close in mind when purchasing your chairs. Ensure that the correct number is purchased, received, and is specific to your audience. For children, miniaturized versions of full size banquet chairs are available. Carefully thought out choices can ensure that the event is well planned, comfortable, and memorable.