Rattan chairs are incredible assets to have around your home. The style and elegance they exude will add a flavor to the area where you have the rattan chairs hung. You can turn a normal chair into a place of paradise by hanging a rattan chair. The process of hanging a chair isn't a difficult one, but there are some things you have to keep in mind while doing so.

1. You have to be sure that there's enough spaces for the suspension of the chair. There should be at least six to eight feet of clearance space above where the chair will be. There should also be at least three feet of space behind the rattan chair for movement space. You can adjust the amount of clearance space to make a comfortable gap between the chair and the ground, so that you won't fall off of the chair and that it will be high enough off of the ground to enjoy.

2. Using a tool to find the studs, you have to locate the ceiling joist, which will be used to suspend the chair. The center of the joist will provide the most secure and safe suspension.

3. Next, you'll need a 5/16 wooden drill bit. This will be used to drill a hole about five inches deep in the joist. This pilot hole has to be even with the ceiling, or perpendicular to it. Be careful with the joist, and be sure not to split it. The hole should be drilled in the center for maximum stability.

4. You'll now have to secure the eyebolt into the ceiling joist until it's secure. Each thread of the bolt should vanish into the ceiling pilot hole. Make sure that it doesn't move when it bears weight.

5. Using a big S-hook, you'll now be able to secure and suspend the rattan chair. Put some weight on the chair before sitting in it to make sure the eyebolt is secure, and that the chair won't fall under the pressure of weight.

6. You now have a hanging rattan chair to enjoy and relax with. Don't spin around in the chair and swing too hard, or it'll fall out of the eyebolt.