Comfortable office chair is the first option when purchasing the office furniture,. A good chair should be freely adjusted by adjusting the backrest, the chair surface and handrails to achieve maximum comfort. Despite these seats are more expensive, but good value for money.

Before purchasing the office chairs, it is recommended that you try to sit on the chair and debug all adjustable part. Your feet should be able to freely on the ground once sit down, arms fully relaxed. In addition should be noted that the backrest support if is satisfactory to the waist, and the  shorter armrest allows the seat closer to the desk,so when in the selection of seats, we might find a desk to try.

The office chair with elastic cushion is very comfortable, but no much soft cushion is considered. In contrast, high density foam material is more durable, the leather cladding is more wear-resistant, but fine artificial leather will also be to your satisfaction. More Pentagon fork wheel is used instead of the four corners fork wheel in higher security,.Select lower with the chair of the Happy machine, you can adjust the angle, sit down and feel more comfortable.

There is many styles of office chairs with freedom use, as long as it is used correctly, an office chair makes different functions in different places. However, compared to the chairs in the dining room or den, users in an office environment should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing the office chair:

1. The depth of the office chair

More formal occasions, people sit upright,you need to sit in a chair in front of "shallow" position. And If at home, people will be more relaxed, it’s not necessary for deep chair. So please a sit and  try the body depth  before the purchase know if it is to meet the office needs.

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2. Office chair - the height of the chair legs

This should be considered according to the user’s height, of course, except the bar stool high chair, general chair Seat height is not much exaggerated, but if any office many is too short,this point  need to be important

3. Height of the handrail

Hand put down when sitting,please choose the office chair armrest low or no handrails; But if you like the whole crouched in the middle of the office chair, armrest, seat surface deeper chair, is probably the best option..

4. The height of the seat back

People who like to sit upright is better to pick armrests, backrest stool , low handrails or low-back chair, seated center of gravity in the waist; if you like to rely on on the back, and lay on the chair back  you may wish to choose a higher backrest office chair, please see the height of the backrest if near  the neck. .Sometimes the back of the chair height near the neck, the users are accustomed to the neck degree angle on the backrest, this way  may bring neck injury.

5. The slope of the chair

In our impression cushion and backrest office chair seems to be at right, but in fact most of them are a little backwards, the whole person is safely ensconced in a chair. More casual performance office chair, with greater slope,when sitting just like lying on a chair.

6. The softness of the chair

Make sure that the softness of the cushion and backrest are comfortable. If no any cushion, please check the the hardness of the chair material.Pay more attention on the internal filling of additional chair part,try to get the best feeling.

. 7. The stability of the chair

Note the structural details of the treatment, then we will know the stability of the chair. Especially single chair with feet as the main support should be paid attention to structural problems, such as cards, screws junction check. .All these parts are very important.We suggest the user try to sit and slight shaking of the body to check the stability of the chair.