Weddings are the pinnacle of celebrations because it applauds the unity of two people under the powerful and enchanting aroma of tenderness. Love, in itself is something worthy to be truly adored, which is why when it comes to weddings, people spend extra time and care when deciding over the small details. Flowers, theme, venue, and guests are all fine tuned to make the day absolutely perfect, but one item is often overlooked when it comes to the reception: Seating.

Chairs are often overlooked because, when one images a wedding, the last thing on their mind is people sitting due to all the hype of dancing and socializing. However, when one has guests, one must have places for all those tired feet to rest, and a wedding is no exception.

Regardless, picking the perfect chair is a more difficult task because style and diversity is often limited, but it still must capture the entire essence and theme of your wedding.

However, with a little creativity and helpful advice, your seating can also become the perfect accent to your big day thanks to these helpful tips on how to decorate church chairs for your wedding.

The Chairs

Whether your vows are said in a church or on a beach, its important to capture the right look of your chairs to fit the overall aesthetic.

To decorate, first think of your theme, color scheme, and overall look of your ceremony to help inspire the appearance of your chairs. This is important because too much decoration can burden the atmosphere of your seating while too little can underwhelm. Try out some of these ideas to get you started:

1. Bridal Accent

Compliment the beauty of the bride by lining the chairs with the lace or fabric of her dress and veil. This can be simply done by taking a yard of fabric (satin trim, tool, or lace), looping it around the back of the chair, and tying it off with a large, colored bow or crystal embellished clip. More fabric can be added for a more luxurious, indoor venue, but lighter choices, like tool and lace, are ideal for more rustic and beach themed weddings placed outdoors.

2. Flower Sash

Flowers are often a major item found in weddings both for their effortless and timeless appeal, but also because they are so versatile. By bunching a few flowers together, that match the bridal party’s bouquets, and securing it over the back of the chair, you can instantly transform any chair into a beautiful seat for guests in a garden or church.

3. Pillows

This may work for either a church with pews or any single person chair. By adding fun and colorful pillows to the seating, you can instantly transform a boring chair into something more personable. Not to mention, it’s easy to reflect the general aesthetic of the ceremony with different pillow choices. Try burlap pillows for a country wedding, or satin and gemmed cushions for a high-end ballroom ceremony. Vibrant colors can reflect a more fun and carefree service and pillows with the bride and groom’s initials are always a unique way to support the couple as well as add personal flair.

4. Beads

Beads are a fun way to add a small amount of decoration that is both beautiful and fun. Take a string of pearls, colored glass beads, or even Mardi Gras strands and string them on the back of the chair from one end to the other. They are simple but fun, and, as always, they can be interchange to fit the general aesthetic of your wedding theme.

5. Ribbon

Ribbon is a great way to heighten the look of simple barred chairs with a touch of pigment and effortlessness. With a few varying shades of color and ribbon length, any venue can be transformed into a whimsical meadow. Simply take the ribbon, fold it in half around the upper bar of the chair back, and put the loose ends through the loop over the bar. This simple tie is all that’s needed to keep the ribbon in place. Plus, they add a subtle, lovely movement when tousled in the breeze.