Park benches have always been an integral part of parks, gardens and zoos, where people sit and relax. Most park benches were made of concrete and stone earlier, but better alternatives are available today. Read this article to find out more about these new age park benches and on what basis to choose them.

When someone talks about park benches, the first image that comes to our mind is of a wooden bench with metal arms and wooden back. However, times have changed and today new designer framed and more comfortable park benches are available. Metal, steel and plastic are heavily used in their production. These park benches are now not just limited to parks, schools and zoos but rather can be seen in malls, near swimming pools and public facilities. Also, these benches are available in varied exciting colors.

Gone are the days of stone and concrete benches. People now prefer steel and molded plastic benches. They are less expensive compared to concrete benches. Also, with time, the once popular wooden benches too are being replaced by light-weighted and weather resistant benches made of materials like recycled plastic, aluminum or wrought iron. These materials have advantage over other types of benches, when it comes to a variety of designs and colors. Moreover, they are durable and can be moved from one place to another with ease. However, if one is interested in installing wooden benches, the durability factor has to be considered, as they tend to deteriorate under continuous sunlight and rain. Most wooden benches become brittle, fragile and less resistant to insects. In case metal benches are installed, then the only need is to paint the benches regularly so that they withstand the extreme weather conditions for a longer period of time.

However, it is important to keep some factors in mind before installing these benches. They are:

* Durability - This is quite important. Most benches tend to deteriorate with time. But with plastic and steel benches, it is not the case. They neither get rusted nor loose their shine and color. Also, they are maintenance free and easily withstand bad weather.

* Color - With new materials being used for the production of benches, it is now possible to get benches of varied colors and designs that do not fade away quickly. Moreover, it is necessary to choose something that easily merges with the layout of the park. By opting for colors that merge with the park, one can give a nice visual harmony to the whole park.

* Price - Though, the park benches are readily available, but one has to keep a tab on the price. Many manufactures sell it for high prices and it is crucial to buy bench equipment that is reasonably priced.

* Usability - It is always a good idea to keep the number of people in mind while choosing the size of the bench. If it is expected to be used a lot regularly by a number of people, then a sturdy design is a must.

To install park benches in parks, schools, etc., a person can look for commercial park bench manufacturers, who also install them. It is critical to hire services of such companies, who have good experience in this field and are quite reliable. Before, the installation takes place; one is advised to look at the company's previous work and to find out, whether they actually offer quality bench equipment or not.