Bar stools serve as seating fixtures, which is needed while drinking. They are similarly useful for your kitchen islands, counters, game tables, and other tall tables you have at home. They can also act as accentuations in the living room while at the same time serve the functions of seating furniture.

To spend your money's worth on the best stools, read the following tips.

Choose quality materials

For luxurious homes, wooden bar stools are the most appropriate to have. They fit most conventional homes and give them a sense of finery and sophistication, which encompasses many generations. You can even buy carved stools with different designs and various colors. You can find grand stools in antique shops and you may want to pass them on as family heirlooms.

Metal stools will definitely fit contemporary homes. They are durable and strong like wood. You can also find them in various hues and their height is adjustable. Modern designs incorporate a backrest and armrests to make them more comfortable and secure. Because of its features, they can be used by children and people of various heights.

Plastic and even recyclable materials are also used in making bar stools.

Get the right height

You may want to buy the original bar stools that have a fixed height because they look better than the adjustable stools with screws on their legs. If that is the case, then you need to make sure that the stool fits your height or the height of your bar at the very least. You may have to buy varying heights of stools if your kitchen top or island, bar, gaming table, breakfast table etc., measures differently in terms of height.

A general rule applies that 10 to 13 inches should be subtracted from the total height of your bar counter. If they have armrests, allot enough space so that your guests will not feel uncomfortable and unable to move freely in their seat.

The Style and Features

Check what style is fitting for your bar. There may be loads of styles for bars but they can be trimmed down to two: contemporary and conventional. The materials will matter here, of course. The colors will affect the look, too. For traditional bars, brown can be the main theme of the room, while black, red, neutral and metallic colors will fit a modern bar.

You can also have them upholstered. This will make your guests feel more comfortable. You should choose materials, which are easy to clean and wash. Leather is a wise material to buy although it can cost more than other materials. Leather is durable and easy to clean. It also fits a modern bar with its sleek and cool appearance. Other materials you can opt to use are fabric, suede, and vinyl.

The support for bar stools also varies. Some have legs while some have a single solid base. Choose which is most stable for you.

Bar stools can also have a swivel feature whether it is wood or metal. This will make moving easier when sitting on the stool.

Pick trustworthy brands and manufacturers

Sometimes the durability of the furniture also relies on the brand or the manufacturer. Some companies deliver quality furniture while some do not. Check out online furniture stores for great bargains. Check on the customer review page to see if their products are strong and worth buying.

A bar stool is not only an accessory furniture. They are necessary especially if you have a real bar. Most people would die to have a bar like yours so you better make the most out of it and furnish it well.