When it’s time to choosing y your wedding ceremony and reception, the various option and style of wedding chairs from your local chair rental company is really overwhelming. Always remember, your purpose is to choose a chair best suit for your wedding settings and decorations. In order to help pick the best options and help you make the right decisions, here is a photo-filled guide to some of the most popular wedding chair styles available.


Chiavari Chair


The chiavari chair  is one of the most popular style and and is available in a wide variety of colors. Color like mahogany, natural wood, gold, white, and even bright yellow and translucent are all available. It it very famous chair originally designed in Italy and has been popular in this world for over two hundred years. It performs very well in both formal occasions (such as ballrooms, banquet balls) and more casual setting (like tents and gardens).


Ghost Chair


If you are looking for a more modern, charm look, ghost chairs  are your best choice. Representing the intersection of classic baroque style and innovative modern design, the Louis Ghost Chair is both enchanting and comfortable. Ghost Chair is sturdy and durable while displaying a delicate, ethereal, alluring appearance. These chairs look super chic when grouped together in masses at a ceremony or reception.


Bentwood Chair


If good design is judged by time, then the Thonet Chair must be considered another great achievement in classic wedding chair history. It has stood unchanged for more than a 100 years and is still produced in one of the original Thonet factories in Europe. These chairs are best suited for outdoor venues like a vineyard or garden, or in more rustic and open-space settings like a tent, barn, or brick-walled loft.


Wimbledon Chair


These Wimbledon Chairs  are usually available in white as well as a variety of wood stains (like natural and mahogany); they often come with a padded seat for extra comfort. This chair style is clean and simple, and easily complements a variety of wedding settings. They are perfect for outdoor weddings.


Cross Back Chair


Dark mahogany cross-back chairs are the perfect touch to long dinner tables. We love the combination of cross-back chairs and long tables if you’re trying to create a warm and intimate dinner-party feel. This elegant farmhouse-style chair, with its curved lines and X-shaped back, is the perfect way to bring a classic, formal feel to a more rustic setting.


Napoleon Chair


This stylish, French-inspired chair is a great option for a classic, formal wedding, it’s called Napoleon Chair. It’s usually available in gilded gold, as well as more neutral colors like black and white. You will see this chair at the finest events in Hollywood and when Washington D.C. is entertaining international dignitary.


Bamboo Folding Chair


These eye-catching rattan bamboo chairs have a wonderful tropical vibe and are the perfect choice for a beach wedding.


French Slotted Chair


Another versatile seating style, the French slotted chair is a little casual but still elegant, making it a great choice outdoor settings, like a garden or vineyard.