So you've decided to buy new office furniture and you've realized the value that ergonomic chairs can provide. As you begin shopping you might be surprised by the number of options that you have to choose from. Names like "Posture Kneeling" and "Saddle" pop up. What are they? And which is the best style for your office or home? Here's a quick guide to help you in the buying process.

"Saddle Ergonomic Chairs"

Saddle chairs may be used as either a desk or computer chair. The shape, as the name alludes to, is created to resemble the saddle of a horse. This unique style allows the user to remain between a standing and sitting position, which allows a person's legs to fall more naturally to a person's side while also allowing them to widen in order to achieve a more stable and healthier position. People with lower back problems may find this style to be much more comfortable than traditional chairs.

"Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs"

Kneeling ergonomic chairs, also known as "Posture Kneeling" chairs, eliminate the back rest, and are created so the user is typically seated in a modified kneeling position. Kneeling chairs assist with good posture by making sure the hips are placed forward and in alignment with the back, shoulders, and neck muscles and bones. This position helps distribute weight evenly between various pressure points on the body, specifically to areas in the knees and the pelvic region. Stress to the lower back and leg muscles are reduced due to the reduction of spinal compression.

"Recliner Chairs"

Because ergonomics works through relieving the body of unnatural positions to help reduce stress on muscles and bones, recliners are naturally "ergonomic." But don't let the men out there know that when sitting in their recliners to watch the game, they might actually do their bodies some good (they might never get up). Recliners aren't just limited to the overstuffed chair sitting in front of the T.V. though; many computer and desk chairs have reclining options. Any chair that helps elevate the feet and reclines the back is an effective way to reduce stress and relieve pressure.