Most office workers spend the majority of their day sitting in their desk chair. Often this can cause pain, soreness, back problems, and even injury. This is even more of a problem if you don't have a good supportive office chair. And if you are a big and tall person having the right office chair is vital to having a healthy work environment.

Here are some steps to take that will help you find the best big and tall office chair for your needs. It is important to check out as much information about office chairs as you can before making a purchase. This will help insure that you get the best chair for your money.

1. Research as many chairs as you can. Look for chairs that are made specifically for a big and tall person. Look at all the different benefits of each chair.

2. Understanding what all the different features are. Chairs come with a lot of features. Knowing what they do will help you find the right chair for you. Height adjustment, reclining, head rests, mid-back and upper-back support, tilt mechanisms, arm rests, and other adjustable features are all important.

3. Check out the information on the seat pan. This is where you actually sit. A good chair will distribute your weight evenly on the seat. A rounded or waterfall edge on the front of the seat will help to keep good circulation in your legs. Ideally you will have two to four fingers between the seat and the back of the knees.

4. Don't take armrests for granted. A good armrest will help to alleviate pressure on the back. Having adjustable armrests will allow you to function doing a wide variety of tasks. A good armrest will be cushioned and comfortable.

5. You might not realize it, but fabric is just as important as adjustability for a big and tall office chair. Coverings should breathe well and be easy to keep clean. Fabric should be durable and nice to sit on.

6. The height of the chair needs to be adjustable. Levers are the best way to make these changes. It is best if the height allows for your feet to be flat on the floor with your wrists in the best place for typing.

7. A good big and tall office chair is going to be stable. Chairs with wheels should have a strong metal base. A five point wheel base is best.