A ghost chair has become a popular addition to the design of many living rooms, dining rooms, office lobbies and children's rooms. Since there are many different styles that have been developed, many consumers are looking into the different designs that would fit into their many rooms. There are companies offering a customized or personalized design for those customers planning to order more than 50 chairs. Since there could be so many different creative models of the acrylic chair, more people with different design themes and tastes are turning to the ghost chair as an accent piece for their home or project.

Customers that are interested in purchasing a ghost chair have many different options on the size, style and color of their chair. The design started with a simple acrylic chair design in crystal clear and has since expanded to include many different shapes, sizes and colors of chairs. While all of the chairs are mostly see-through, some of them can offer a glossy finish or the staining of a certain color. These colors are often pale blues, smoky grays or light yellows and greens. For hard-core modern design fans, there is also a line for young children. The small chairs can also be stained with eye catching colors or can be painted to the customization preferences of the consumer.

Since the elegant and modern design of the ghost chair can be pricey, many consumers look for a sale. As there are constantly new models and types of this product line coming into the market, the older models sometimes will be offered to customers for a sale price. There are also many other furniture design companies that have designed chairs in a similar style to the ghost chair. There are also reproductions available in the market for a fraction of the cost. After seeing the original designs of the ghost chair, many up and coming furniture designers have also decided to use a clear acrylic chair as their medium. If you like the acrylic material but looking for some different or unique designs, there should be an abundance of choices in the market too. Due to the creative nature of new furniture designers, there are many pieces of furniture including bar stools, coffee tables or patio furniture that have taken on the aesthetic appeal of the ghost chair in its design. Look around and it is not too late to get the latest fashion of interior design now.