To make the garden comfortable and a place where one can spend some quality time with the family, the most suitable and comfortable garden chairs need to be chosen. The garden of a house gives a good impression to the outsiders if it has good quality elegant garden furniture which are comfortable to sit. The garden chairs need to be combined with the garden's atmosphere and should be a meaningful way of outdoor sitting. The following factors should be kept in mind before going for the purchase of garden chairs:

Garden Size - garden chairs should match with the size of the garden. Small gardens should not have big chairs as it will occupy most of the space and the garden will look like a store room.

Functionality - Chairs are meant to sit upon and provide relaxation and comfort to the person who is sitting on them. The chair should be able to provide comfort all the time and people should be able to relax for a log time with the same comfort level.

Design - This is a very crucial determinant of choosing the right garden chairs as the design reflects the image and flavor of the owner which has match the owner's personality.

Selection of a perfect and matching design of these depend on proper planning which needs to be done considering the garden size, functionality of garden chairs and the duration of its usage. A garden looks beautiful with the matching garden furniture which needs to be unique and personalized. Budget has an important part here and thinking of the chairs which do not suit the budget of the buyer is useless. Fixing the budget in advance helps a lot in determining the type and make of the garden chair which suits the buyer.

These are available in wood, iron, plastic, fiber, resin, wicker and many more materials and the selection of the most suitable material depends on the price of the chair. Wicker and plastic fiber made chairs are very popular these days due to their relatively affordable price, less maintenance requirement and long durability apart from great looks.