Stools are among the most important furniture items for indoor and outdoor use since people cannot be expected to stand all the time. Many people prefer to sit while they eat, enjoy a few drinks, read books, work, listen to speeches and rest. There are many kinds of seating furniture items and one particular kind of stool that is becoming more and more popular is the folding stool. This stool is greatly associated with the term "practical" because it is portable, compact, light and it can be used in different venues. The best thing about the folding stool is that it occupies very little space when folded. In addition, the folding stool can be carried by hand or transported in a car/truck without difficulty.

Folding stools are popularly used not only in residential settings but also in offices, food service establishments and even in various events which include concerts, games, meetings and press conferences. Folding stools are the furniture of choice for large events where many people are expected to attend because these stools can be easily transported to the event venues.

For non-recurring events that need a great number of stools, the organizers normally rent stools from business establishments whose main business activity is to lend stools for a fee. There are instances wherein event organizers find it more practical to rent rather than buy stools because buying new stools will cost more. In addition, if the organizers decide to purchase new folding stools, they will have to find a place where the stools will be stored after the event. Thus, assess first the costs to be spent and the benefits to be derived before deciding whether to rent or buy  stools.

Before you rent or buy folding stools, you must first examine the stools to ensure that they are working properly and are safe to use. Open the folding stools and check whether the legs lock tightly. It will be unsafe to sit on stools that do not lock tightly because the stools may break down and the users may fall anytime. You should also examine the legs to see if there are rubber-tipped glides. These glides are important because they will ensure that the stools will stay in place and not slide on the floor. The durability and quality of the stools should never be compromised over price, beauty or anything else.