A folding stool is a great piece of equipment to have around the house. You never know when you might need extra seating space or when you need a foot up to reach something. You can use a folding stool when you need it than easily stow it somewhere out of sight. This is the perfect option for apartment dwellers as well.

They are typically very easy to store and to move around with because they are lightweight and compact.

Benefits of a Folding Stool

As previously mentioned a folding stool can be a great way to grab an extra seat when someone needs it. It is also perfect for taking along to little league ball games. It provides a perfect place to perch and watch the game. It is easy to transport and store. You can easily take it with you and does not require much room to open up.

It is also handy to have around the house because it can be used instead of a ladder if you need to reach something that is put on a higher shelf.

They are relatively inexpensive.


Of course there is always a downside to everything and this stool is not an exception. Unfortunately often times these stools are not very sturdy and can easily tip over so they may be hazardous for the very young of the very old to use. They really are not meant to be stood on but the temptation is so great that they usually are.

With time the folding mechanism on the stool tends to stick and not work as freely as it does when you first purchase it.

Purchasing a Folding Stool

These great handy items can be purchased usually for under twenty dollars. They are widely available and can be found in many different venues. You can find them online available from many different vendors for very reasonable prices.

Shopping online is the perfect place to find a folding stool in a style that will match your own style. They can easily be ordered online and will ship shortly after you order them right to your own front door. It does not get much easier than that. If you choose not to shop online than you can probably make your purchase and one of the big box discount stores that are located locally through out the US. The prices will be very reasonable regardless where you choose to shop.

A folding stool can be the perfect addition to any home as a way to produce extra seating in a jiffy. They are the perfect addition to the trunk of your car so you will have easy seating whenever you need it.