Seating in modern churches has to be flexible - easily moved to accommodate various church events, and comfortable enough to encourage members and guests to come back each week. Although they may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions church seating, folding chairs have become a practical solution for the modern church.

Folding chairs are easily adapted to all needs and purposes, and the needs of the modern church are changing constantly. Folding chairs are convenient seating options for Sunday school classrooms or weeknight Bible study, and can be easily moved and placed for overflow seating to accommodate more people for worship services or special events. If your church is new or expanding and you need flexibility, folding chairs provide an invaluable solution.

Storage is a major issue for many churches, especially when it comes to seating. How and where will chairs be stored? Folding chairs can be conveniently stacked either vertically or horizontally.

The vertical stacking method is especially useful for churches with space limitations, as this method requires relatively little floor space. One example of vertical stacking is a wheeled truck caddy that can hold up to 50 chairs, stored folded and standing up. Another option is a two-tier caddy on which chairs are hung upside down and then stacked on each side, holding up to 74 chairs at one-half the floor space needed for single-tier carts.

Horizontal stacking simply involves placing folding chairs on top of one another. Your church might have a storage closet or space underneath a stage that could serve as storage space for horizontally stacked chairs. The horizontal stacking method is flexible and convenient, allowing chairs to be stacked wherever there is extra space.

While the typical image of a folding chair is a simple seat made of metal, manufacturers are now giving more attention to style and comfort. Padding and upholstery have become increasingly common in high-quality folding church chairs. The padding can be placed in the seat pan as well as the back for maximum comfort. An array of durable and attractive fabrics are available to choose from in a wide variety of colors to match any church's style and appearance.

As the needs of churches have evolved, seating options have developed to meet those needs. Folding church chairs are a cost-effective and efficient way to provide seating for churches searching for a flexible solution without sacrificing appearance or comfort.