Church chairs are the cornerstone of the churchgoing experience. People congregate, greet, meet, share and worship around these essential tools, and without them, things would look very different for parishioners.


From sanctuary pews to plastic folding chairs for church picnics, there are many different types of church chairs to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. Here’s a breakdown of different options most often found in churches and how to figure out the best ones for your needs.



Many churches have evolved from standard bench-style pews to interlocking church chairs that provide more comfortable seating as well as maximizing the space. These padded church chairs make it much easier to adjust the seating arrangement for different services and events that take place in the main sanctuary. Plus, if one chair needs to be replaced or repaired, you can easily switch it with a new one without having to move an entire bench.


If you’re looking to update your main seating, we recommend black church chairs as they hide spills, stains and fuzz very well.



Churches go far beyond Sunday services. Your church likely hosts almost daily activities like large formal weddings and many other life events. For these types of gatherings, stackable event chairs are the best option. They’re more durable than chiavari chairs for events, but are easy to move for different size groups without being too heavy.


A budget-friendly alternative are padded folding chairs — comfort and affordability for those seeking the best value.



Small groups often meet at churches during the week for different reasons, so being able to move chairs from one room to another to accommodate them is a must. However, comfort is also a priority, so for the best balance between the two, wooden folding chairs will serve your needs easily. The best folding chairs stack onto chair carts for storage and transportation and last for many years of regular use without needing much maintenance.