The most familiar type of bar stool is the 3-legged wooden stool. However, a lot of innovative designs have pushed this stool aside. It is mostly utilized just for designing purposes because its newer versions serve not only as decorations but as ergonomic furniture, too. They serve not only as seating furniture for the bars but also for gaming areas, breakfast tables, and kitchen counters.

You must be excited now that you know the different uses a bar stool can offer. However, we must decide on the right size and material for the stools you want to get.

The right size?

You must know the measurement of you bar counter. Upon knowing the height of the counter, allot 9-13 inches distance from its top and from the seat of your bar stool.


  • 36-inch stools are usually for gaming tables. They are more popularly known as Spectator Stools as they are mostly used for entertainment purposes. They are most suited with tables that are 47 inches high.
  • 34-inch stools are not available in ordinary furniture stores as they are ordered from furniture makers. They are less common and are suited for tables that are 46 inches high.
  • 30-inch stools are perfect for tables that are 40 inches and above in stature. They may also be used for gaming tables and pool tables.
  • 24-inch stools are for tables measuring 36-39 inches high. These are commonly known as kitchen countertop stools and are used mainly to save on space.
  • 18-inch stools are well matched with tables that are 30 inches high. Women need these stools for their dresser. Casino owners also use these for their slot machine chairs.


The right material?

Those made of metal are fit for contemporary homes. Pick materials like stainless steel so as to make sure the stool resists rusting so you can use them outdoors. Aluminum is lightweight. But do not put these outdoors during strong winds.


  • Wooden materials maintain the cozy and elegant atmosphere in the dining or bar area. Some wood variants you can choose from include teak, rattan, wicker and for extra strength a combination of wood and rubber materials.
  • Plastics are lightweight like aluminum. Their best feature is that they are very economical. They also provide more areas to be creative as they are available in various colors. You have to clean them regularly though to prevent them from yellowing.
  • Upholstered materials include leather, fabric, and vinyl. Leather is the most expensive and most comfortable among the three. It also gives an elegant look in the bar. Fabric is cool but very susceptible to stains and tatters. Vinyl is durable and easy to clean but may lessen the comfortable feel.
  • Bar stools made of recycled materials suit an environment advocate and nature lover. With the use of recycled materials you can afford to have more creative designs. With these stools you are not limited to just one kind of materials as manufacturers of these stools use all types of materials from wood, metal, plastic etc.