Once you have chosen the perfect executive desk for your office, your next step is likely to be the selection of an executive chair. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right chair for your executive furniture set. First, the chair must be comfortable and ergonomically correct. As they say, if the boss is not happy, no one is happy. If you do not have an ergonomically correct design to your executive chair, you might experience back pain and other health problems. Second, the chair must match the executive desk you have selected properly and present a professional image to any who visit your office.

In order for a chair to be considered ergonomically correct it much have four adjustable features including a pneumatic seat height adjustment, arm height adjustment, seat depth adjustment and adjustable tilt tension. A pneumatic seat height adjustment allows you to raise and lower the back of the chair with a button that is usually located on the back of the chair. Depending on what body type you have, it might be more comfortable to raise or lower the armrests. The seat depth adjustment allows you to sit at your desk comfortably whether you have short, average or long legs. Posture is greatly improved using the adjustable tilt tension knob under the chair. In addition to these basics, executive chairs will often include a thickly padded seat, lumbar support and dual wheel costars. You can also regularly find "big and tall" configurations in executive chairs because for some reason people in power tend to be larger in stature than most.

One final extra that can be incorporated into an executive chair is a massage. You can purchase an office chair that reclines for maximum comfort while experiencing a massage that features tapping, kneading, rolling, and vibration sensations. This feature could be dangerous though because it might distract you from accomplishing your work.

Executive chairs often are more expensive than regular office chairs because they are made from finer materials and have many of the extra features described above. Chairs for executives are often made of leather and fine wood rather than the plastic frame and cloth covered cushions of regular chairs. Depending on the style of wood used for the desk, you could choose leather of any color and a wood frame to match. You can also get chairs with steel frames if your office has a more modern look.