Customers in the Washington DC, and Baltimore Maryland area have access to a very large selection and types of office chairs. Executive Chairs and Task Chairs come with many different feature and options. These office chairs come in Leather, cloth, and soft leatherette or Faux Leather. Soft Leatherette and Faux Leather are a higher quality of vinyl, and have the feel of real leather.

Executive Chairs are available with different seat shapes and chair seat controls, to give you the ability to get the most comfort from your chair. Most new style chairs have lumbar support, and some have shoulder support in the back. The seats also come with leg support. Many of the Executive Chairs offer backs that adjust tilt, and forward back word motion independent of the seat. The user can raise lower, or tilt the seat to give the highest comfort level. Most chairs today offer the ability to pneumatically raise and lower the seat. Some chairs also offer the option to lock the seat tilt at any angle you wish.

Task Chairs are available with a number of controls to give the user the opportunity to adjust the chairs so it will fit your body type. Most Task Chairs have backs that move independent of the seat. The backs offer lumbar support, and can be raised and lowered and tilt in and out to meet your needs. The seats come with pneumatic height control and Tilt control, giving the option of having the seat tilt independent of the back, or lock in place at any angle you wish. Some chairs offer sliders, this gives the option to slide the seat forward or back independent of the chair base and back, to give more or less room between the seat and chair back.

Many Executive Chairs and Task Chairs now come with Mesh Backs and Seats. This gives a flow of air to help keep the user cooler while still giving the utmost support. Some Manufacturers are beginning to offer Memory Foam in the seats and back of chairs with covered seats or backs.

The Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland market is one of the largest markets in the United States. This enables customers to find Executive Chairs and Task Chairs with many of these features at excellent price points, and in stock for immediate delivery.

Since there are so many options on chairs it is best to contact someone who can assist you in finding the best chair for your needs, before you purchase.