When you have to establish auditorium seating for large numbers of people you have many challenges on your hands. You have to give the people chairs to sit in that will be comfortable. You have to provide enough room between each row of chairs so that people can move their legs comfy. You must supply the safest seating solutions possible, and you must do all of this on the budget you are given.


That is pretty a list of things to expect one person to be able to provide while they are selecting auditorium seating. You can add to that list the fact that you need to get as many chairs in the area as possible, while maintaining the comfort level of the patrons. Auditorium seating can be single framed items or you can shop chairs that connect together on one frame system. Since the frame system will take up less room, the shared framework auditorium seating makes the most of the area you have accessible.


The chairs that attach to each other in a row will require less room than the single frame chairs do. You get to place more chairs in the area, and you also get to increase the amount of space between the rows of seats. This means that people will have more room for their legs, and they will ultimately be more comfortable while they are there. Comfortable people are happier, and happier people spend more money on concessions, and other items the establishment may have to offer. Safety is a major concern of any commercial business. You never want someone to come to your establishment and leave injured. The lawsuit threat scares most business owners half out of their mind, but the threat of someone actually getting hurt is even more disturbing. Chairs that share a common frame are safer for the public to sit in.

Hancher Auditorium rendering

Chairs that share a popular frame will not tip over if someone should try to lean way back in their seat. Chairs that share a common frame will not tip over if someone stands in the seat. Chairs that share a common frame cannot scoot out of the way and cause someone to miss the seat and hit the floor. If a fight were to break out in the establishment chairs that share a common frame cannot be thrown, or used as a weapon of any sort. Chairs that share a popular frame are easier for the cleaning crew to clean around. Chairs that do not share a popular frame have to be moved, swept under, and then moved back into position. Chairs that share a common frame have seats that fold up to expose more of the floor so the person sweeping can easily reach all areas of the floor. These seats stay in one place while the person cleans and saves time during the cleaning process.