Labeled by Time Magazine as the 20th Century's Best Design, Eames chairs have been the gold standard in seating design since their original creation in 1946. Created by designers Ray and Charles Eames for Herman Miller, the molded plywood seat is incredibly comfortable and lightweight. It has become the standard by which other chair designs are measured.

The creation actually started when Charles and his wife Ray were working on sets for MGM in the 40s and were testing out different molding styles with wood. Little did they know how their concepts would affect design for generations to come? Based on their concepts, the United States Navy ended up developing stretchers, splints and glider shells made of plywood and molded using pressure and heat. These newly designed items were used with great success during the Second World War.

After the war, the duo used the concept that they had pioneered to make chairs that could be sold to the masses. Made of hard surfaces instead of upholstery this was a major change to current standards. After much trial and error, they eventually discovered that their design was better suited to a separate seat and back instead of the singular molded piece that the design had begun with. It was through this new design that they discovered that the chair was actually even more comfortable than its former incarnation. Their new style conformed to the shape of human body, making it an incredibly comfortable fit.

The Eames Lounge chair is one of the most copied styles of the entire collection. With a high back and molded sides, this comfortable chair is a classic with its contemporary design. Even though it has been around since the 1940's, it is still one of the most copied chairs today. Often called the Herman Miller Eames chair, it is usually seen with a matching ottoman. The design is internationally renowned. It is even in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, as well as in the Art Institute of Chicago. The craftsmanship of this chair is unmatched in design and comfort.

The original chair was made using Brazilian rosewood, which is now a non-sustainable wood, which is listed as endangered. Over twenty years ago, the veneer was changed to a more environmentally option. Today's current chairs are made using 24%-recycled materials. This incredibly stunning chair is more a work of art than a simple piece of office furniture. From the molded seat to the long elegant legs, it definitely deserves its place in the Museum of Modern Art. It is no wonder that it is used in prestigious offices and homes all over the world. Owning one is almost like possessing a status symbol Ferrari or Lamborghini.