Park benches are already a significant feature for parks, zoos, and other outdoor arenas or venues. Without park benches in any of these areas, the place does not seem cozy at all. People will not even find the place comfortable and ideal for recreation.

The common types of materials that are being used for this kind of park furniture are cement and wood. This is because they are sturdy and low in maintenance. But apart from these, there are other more convenient and reliable materials that can be considered.

1) Pre-cast concrete park bench 
This form of park bench is made of cement. The only difference that it has from other concrete benches is that it can withstand different elements that can damage it like changing weather, dirt and moist, and a lot more. Even more, the pre-cast concrete bench does not need to be maintained frequently. Though it is modern in appearance, it still possesses some traditional look.

2) Teak park bench 
The teak wood is hailed to be the best wood for outdoor furniture. This is because the wood can stand any elements and disturbances that can cause its decay. Even more, it is does not require thorough maintenance. It is believed that this wood can last as long as 75 years even if it is exposed constantly to changing weather and other elements that can ruin it. It is also very ideal as outdoor décor since it can turn to a beautiful silvery gray bench as it grows older.