When it comes to buying discount products, sometimes it's simply a matter of getting the lowest price and considering it a victory. But with some items, like bar stools, you may be costing yourself more in the long run by getting a discount up front. It really depends on the level of usage.

If you're looking for discount bar stools primarily for their decorative value, then saving money should definitely be a top priority. However, if you anticipate regular use of the bar stools you buy, discount can mean poor quality, and that might result in costly repairs or replacement. You'll save up front, only to spend more in the long run.

To reconcile the situation, the key is locating good quality bar stools being sold at discount prices. While you will occasionally find bargains on decent stools at a local furniture dealer, the Internet is most often the best place to conduct your search. It's a better use of your time because there are so many more options online than in the "real" world.

Start by using a major search engine (Google, Yahoo!, MSN) and searching for a specific phrase, like "discount bar stools" or a similar variation. You'll get thousands of pages full of possibilities. It can quickly become overwhelming unless you take notes and bookmark pages with likely candidates. If you're diligent and don't give up too quickly, you'll definitely find some real bar stool bargains hidden among the average deals. Again, look for high quality stools being sold at prices more appropriate for cheap models.

You might also find some terrific discounts on used bar stools online by checking out auction sites like Ebay. People sell all kinds of products there, including home and commercial bar stools. The only disadvantage is that you can't actually see and sit in the stools if you buy online, but Ebay offers buyer guarantees. It's definitely worth checking out.