As we know that chair is used to sit. However, in this age of speed the tendency of building new designs of furniture are the reasons that you may see many types of the chairs with respect to their environment. There are many types of chairs, which can be changed according to your need and style. In the offices, easy chairs are used for worker's comfort. As there are many kinds of chairs but each chair has its own place of usage. For example, office chair (revolving chair) cannot use at home or a dentist chair cannot replace with the wheel chair. So, in this chair plan, we are going to discuss some kinds of chairs.

An Adirondack Chair: 
Is a type of chair that is preferred in rural and outdoor settings. Thomas Lee designed it in 1903. He was on holidays, and in those days he visited New York and Westport. There he felt the lack of outdoor chairs for his summer. For a chair plan, after cutting from a single board, the original chair was made with eleven wooden pieces. It had a straight back and seat, which were set at an angle to sit better.

Barber chair: 
Is always used for customer. It is generally fixed to the floor. We can adjust its height by foot operating jack. It can also rotate and move to backward for hair washing. With the help of this chair, a barber or hair cutter can do his job easily.

Club Chair: 
Is a lavish easy chair with a less back. The sides have heavy armrests, which are usually as high as the back. In the modern clubs, you'll find long bottom armless chairs, normally called bar stool.

Corner Chair: 
In a corner of our room, a corner chair can be fitted because it has a high back with rectangle base on two adjacent sides. A man who wears a sword, this chair plan accommodates him.

Electric Chair: 
In history, electric chair was used as a sign of death for the prisoners, and it was used in United States. Its first use was in 1924, and the last was in 1976.

Revolving chair: 
Revolving or swivel chair has no three or four legs. It has only one central leg that allows spinning around the seat. With the help of wheels (lying on the base of the chair), user can move his chair in his work area without getting up. This type is very common and usually used in modern offices.

Wheel Chair: 
It consists on two wheels. It is for the people who cannot walk or suffering from any disease. With the help of this chair, a patient can move, where he wants to go.

Folding chairs: 
Basically, folding chairs are used in the areas where a permanent seating is not possible. It is light and portable chair, which can fold flat easily. We can store it in a stock or on a cart.