The main patterns in contemporary furniture design are: simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Modern chairs are to be most of all usable - understated, supportive and comfortable. On the other hand they need to compose harmoniously with the whole interior style. Thanks to designers ideas you can make chairs the focal items of the room. You just have to remember about the style accordance and proportions.

Leather dining chairs

Timeless furniture - leather dining chairs. They are both simple and glamorous, especially those with an gently raked back. They can be combined with any of leathers, in many different color sets. If you are looking for something casual and universal or you have limited space premises, classic contemporary furniture are appropriate for you, in example: black or dark cherry chair, fully upholstered with edge stitched leather and with chrome finish. Combine it with glass oval or round dining table - the effect will be great. Leather works also very well with wood. Fine high backed, fully upholstered dining chairs with a solid beech wood frame and dark stained tapered legs are suitable items for the wide and bright dining room with dark wooden furniture.

Black dining chairs

Black chairs are definitely eye catching and distinctive accessories of informal dining room or kitchen. They are available in many different species: opaque nylon or edge stitched Italian leather. No matter what material you choose, the black chairs will make the interior unique and modern. Before buying that kind of furniture consider that they do not work well in a small premises, because they are "space thieves". Black dining chairs are perfect for the open space, modern loft-type interiors.

Unique dining tables

Exceptional chairs require the special table. Currently the most appreciated by designers are the glass dining tables, which are universal and style enhancing. While choosing an appropriate table to your chairs set take care of the finish material: legs (eventually edges too) should be made of the same material which is used in chairs. In case you would like to mix the materials of chairs and table, remember that wood works good with mat metal or brass but with chrome - not necessarily. You can also freely connect the bright wood with both aluminium and chrome.