When it comes to office chairs, there are so many choices that the decision making process for conference room seating can seem daunting.  In order to wade through the different choices, we need to segment chair design into two broad categories and discuss each individually.

  • Executive chairs - base on casters
  • Guest chairs - chairs on legs

Both types of chairs have a place in a conference room. Executive style chairs are typically used as primary seating around a conference room table. Guest chairs may also be use in a conference room to line a wall or flank a smaller circular table located in a corner.

Guest Chairs

Guest Chair
Guest chair

Once the conference room table and executive chairs are chosen, guest chairs should be added to increase seating capacity with a style that complement the executive chairs   In most cases, guest chairs are available as part of the same collection as the executive chairs.  So choosing the style of guest chairs can be as easy as staying within the same model.

In some cases, especially where cost is a concern, guest chair need not be of the same collection as executive chairs.  However, choosing a nice looking chair that complements the style of the table and executive chairs is a bit more difficult simply because of the number of choices. The same general guidelines of choosing executive chairs should apply.  For example, if the table is thin, then choose a guest chair that does not have much mass.  If the table or chairs have chrome or other exposed metal, choose a guest chair with the same kind of trim.  And if the executive chairs have heavy padding, then choose a more plush guest chair.