Do you intend to buy a new tub chair for your home? Tub chairs offer a number of advantages over other forms of seating and come in a variety of materials as well as colors and styles. They are a well loved and respected form of seating with a history going back all the way to the court of Louis XV in France. So if you are looking to buy a piece of furniture that will add a classic style to your home then these chairs can offer you a large variety of options.

The first choice to make is what materials you want your chair to be made from. The options include leather, upholstered and various man made and plastic derivatives. While plastic tub chairs can be extremely durable, I would not recommend them for a home environment as they give up one of the major charms of this type of seating - comfort. Plastic chairs can be hard and uncomfortable to sit on for an extended period of time.

A well designed tub chair, finished with cloth upholstery is incredibly relaxing and comfortable. The way in which the back or the chair wraps around you give a real feeling of security and relaxation. Of course cloth upholstery can wear over time, but some man-made microfiber chairs are very hard wearing and durable. They also clean up comparatively well if there should be any spills onto the surface of the seat.

The leather tub chair still remains a firm favorite of mine however. Leather is a natural material that improves with age and use as it grow increasingly supple if well cared for. Leather also cleans up well if the chair has anything spilled on it. Nothing is as classy as a well designed leather chair and they can look just as good in your living room as in your hallway, or indeed in almost any room of the house. The only room that they should not be used in is the bathroom as high humidity can have a disastrous effect on natural materials.

Once you have decided which materials you wish your tub chair to be made from then you need to decide the color. This is a much more personal decision, but a neutral color seldom ages as fast as this season's "must have" color scheme and will ensure that you have a quality tub chair to last you for many years.