Church chairs are the most important piece of furniture a congregation can own and when they are in limited supply can hurt the attendance of the congregation and affect the message being taught in the sanctuary. When church members must stand for long periods of time, their focus is turned to the fact that the room does not have enough church chairs instead of the important truths being dispersed by the pastor on stage. Used church chairs are an option for start up churches or churches with a small budget. Those churches that are interested in making responsible purchases with God's money also prefer to buy used church chairs.

There are certain benefits that come with the purchase of new church chairs, but when on a shoestring budget, a used church chairs provider may be a Godsend. There are certain ministries designed to act as a go between those that require church chairs and those that are selling or donating them. Used church chairs can be provided by any church that is replacing their existing load of church chairs, or are remodeling and need to update their current church chairs. Used church chairs are usually offered at a substantial discount.

Unfortunately when buying used church chairs, it is rare that a guarantee will come with the purchase. Most times used church chairs are donated, requiring the receiving church to pick up and deliver the church chairs themselves. There are organizations that subscribe to church chairs sharing co-ops. These co-ops serve as church community co operations and enable all churches to have the furnishings and supplies needed to spread the Word of God. Some church chairs may just need updating or reupholstering. Some used church chairs require upholstery before being usable.

It is recommended to have a handyman or woman available to check each chair before allowing a member of the congregation to use it. Some church chairs may come with broken legs or tears, but receiving them for free or a discounted rate enables the church to continue to grow with ample seating for new members. Before buying used church chairs, be sure to have an experienced craftsman on call to evaluate the functionality of each chair. It has happened before that church chairs bought or received at extremely discounted rates were worthless, and couldn't be of use. Caution is recommended and thorough inspections are advised.