When it comes to church chairs, the aesthetic, appearance, and small details are critical to maintaining a church’s appearance. As guests arrive at the place of worship, they tend to take in the environment and the nearby surroundings. A church with fine furniture is much more appreciated than one with ratty, worn-down, and outdated chairs.

Often times, the wear and tear that a church chair endures can be determined by the material in which it was made. Church chairs that have clear details that imply quality craftsmanship can last for years. They also tend to be more comfortable, durable, and well-structured. A church chair’s value can also be determined by the smaller details and from the way it was crafted, and whether or not it was done with proper care. So how can you tell the difference between a chair that was made well with one that wasn’t?

Here are some important church chair details that imply quality craftsmanship:

1. It is durable enough to require zero-maintenance.

Zero maintenance for durability is one of the most important features of a chair that implies quality craftsmanship. A chair that needs zero-maintenance means just that – it needs no maintenance. For example, this means that screws will never fall out of the chairs. It also means that you will never have to replace a part – ever! Zero-maintenance chairs were made to last. If a manufacturer promises zero-maintenance, it’s a good thing. This is a clear sign that special care and effort was put into the chair’s creation.

2. It was created with fabric that can withstand the test of double-rubbing.

Many chairs tend to show signs of wear in their early stages – especially when they are made with cheap, low-quality fabric. A clear detail that a chair was made from quality craftsmanship is when a chair is made with USA woven fabric. Typically, this chair should be able to have a grade of 250,000 double-rubs when tested. Double rubs refer a method of abrasion tolerance testing. A higher score ensures quality A-grade fabric that will last your church for a very long time.

3. The church chair has a strong frame.

Church chairs with weak frames stand no chance at having a long lifespan. Weak frames can cause chairs to collapse, which can lead to a huge disaster. Frames should be strong, sturdy, and come with a lifetime warranty. For example, a strong chair should have a frame made with something like a 16 gauge 10010 cold rolled carbon steel. Torsion Bar Systems are also a great addition for extra chair strength. These features ensure that a church chair is durable and of good quality for use.

4. A church chair should be made with commercial grade virgin foam.

When guests sit down in a church, they want to feel comfortable in their church chairs. Commercial grade virgin foam is the best choice for quality comfort. This foam is bio-based with no fillers, and exceeds the traditional petroleum-based foams. The commercial grade foam ensures comfort and durability for years, which is the perfect choice for churches and shows quality craftsmanship.