Stacking chairs are a great solution for training areas, school halls, churches, breakout areas or conferencing. They allow you the freedom to manage your space effectively and get the most out of it. If you are leasing space or if you own space the ability to stack chairs neatly and wheel them away, allows you the freedom and opportunity to use space for other activities such as leasing it out for other activities or functions.

What are the things to look for when purchasing?

Who is going to use them? If it is for school furniture, they will likely be subjected to extreme use and even some abuse during their life span. Take into consideration the type of material: wood or plastic. Wood is hard, heavier than plastic but can't be cleaned that easily if drawn on. Plastic is light, malleable up to a point and some plastics are easy to clean.

How many are you looking to purchase?

Quantity of chairs has a huge impact on the amount of space you have to store them in. Stacking chairs can be stacked vertically or diagonally depending on the design of the chair. This also has an impact on how high you can stack them. The more you can stack high the less space it will take up. Some good stacking chairs to look at are the 40/4 chairs, Daylight chairs or the Xpresso.


When purchasing your chairs make sure the manufacturer has a dolly to make transporting the seats easily and efficiently. This will appreciated by the person in charge of laying them out and staking them away. Dollies come in singles for one pile of stacking chairs, doubles or even triples.

Other points when choosing your stacking chair solution


  • Recycled material in chairs. Some plastic chairs have been manufactured using recycled car batteries - Daylight Chairs. This might be of interest to your company and they can be recycled after their life span.
  • Quality of a stacking chair will be determined by price but there are really good chairs out there that will suite your budget.