When purchasing the right pedicure chair for your business there are some important features and aspects of the chair that you want to make sure are there so they fit your business. Finding the right one will take a little time and due diligence but with the right amount of patience you can find the right one that will fit your business perfectly.

Choosing the right pedicure chair will depend on the type of business you are opening as well as the clientele that you expect will frequent your business. Once you figure out the type of business you have, say an upscale salon or a a spa and salon you can then go on a little reconnaissance mission and check out some of the competition.

Once you have identified the type of salon you will be opening you should now go out and look at the types of pedicure chairs other businesses like the one you intend on opening are using. You want to get an idea of the type of chair as well as the style and look. You also want to see if the chair matches the current decor of the pedicure spa or if it seems out of place. You should also get an idea of some of the features they have.

Chairs can come with a whole host of features some of the best ones will have cup holders and magazine racks. Others will have ways to message your clients feet and even their back while they are sitting there for a pedicure. Some chairs will do a better job controlling the heat of the water the person is placing their feet into. You do not want to have you client stick their feet in uncomfortably hot or cold water. Now that you have decided on the types of features you want you need to look into another important part of any pedicure chairs value.

Durability is a critical feature in any chair you choose. If you buy one that is not constructed well you will see loads of trouble and you can almost certainly loose business. A comfortable chair must also be well built which will mean it will last longer. You have zero time to repair a chair once its been installed so you want to make sure that the one you buy will also be around a while. Also look to make sure that it successfully removes the all of the water. Poorly constructed ones will usually leave some water from the previous pedicure which can lead to germs being passed along to other clients.

You can find a very good one for your business online. Shopping online allows you to browse hundreds of different styles and models as well as prices. You can also price the features and materials that you want the chairs you buy to have. You can also buy in bulk much easier online. Shopping online allows you to mix and match based on your salons layout.

If you are interested in higher end model packed with extra features that many other pedicure spas would have you can opt to buy one that has an iPod dock and speakers for your clients ultimate comfort. These chairs are only cost effective if you are running a luxury spa and salon. Regular salons that require a high turnover rate should consider getting ones that are both comfortable and durable but may skimp on features to save money.

There are many important factors that will influence your buying decisions. The type of salon you open will be the biggest factor you should be aware of. Not all chairs are created equal and you want one that fits the type of clients you are looking to attract. A high end salon should not be skimping on feature rich chairs just to save cost while a regular salon can leave some unnecessary features out in order to lower costs.