Choosing the right drafting chair is more important than you might first believe. There are many types of drafting chairs available, and it is important that you choose the one that will give you the most comfort during your long hours at your desk or drafting table. The decision of which type of chair to get is entirely up to you and will depend on your preferences. However, you cannot make an informed decision without knowing about the different types of drafting chairs available.

The first type of drafting chair is the most common, and is much like a traditional office chair. The biggest difference is in the height of the chair, and in the fact that most of them have a foot rest for when you have the chair at taller heights. This height is important because you will need to be able to reach all sections of the drafting table when you are working. Of course, you can also lower the chairs so that you can sit at a regular desk or table. You can get these chairs with or without arm rests. However, it is more likely to find one that has no arm rests comfortable for the avid drafter, so that your arms and hands are completely mobile. These chairs are great for people with back problems, as they are generally ergonomic with lumbar support.

Remember when shopping for a new chair, it is important to go into some physical stores. Try to avoid only looking online, and try going into some stores and having a seat. Everyone is different, so often times, it is important to make sure you choose a seat that provides comfort for your particular body shape and size.

Some designers prefer a stool over a chair. The drafting stool is much like the traditional drafting chairs except it does not have a back to it. This makes it more versatile when wheeling from one table to another, or from table to desk to drafting table. These stools also have the foot rest for when you adjust it to its full height, which is necessary for comfort when reaching the top of a drafting table. You will also find that all of these chairs have wheels on the legs, giving you the utmost versatility. However, you will not want one of these chairs if you have back problems because there is no support for the back.