Banquet chairs are crucial to the success of an event. After all, can you imagine a wedding, conference, or Bar Mitzvah without them? Like an important part of a well-oiled engine, you tend to notice your banquet chairs only when they malfunction.

The available types of banquet chairs come in a variety of styles and materials. Most of these chairs are made of either metal or wood and come in either a folding or a stackable style. When choosing banquet chairs for your event, it's important to consider all of these options, as each comes with its own pros and cons.

Concern: Expense

Of course, running a large event can be very expensive. Renting space and hiring caterers will consume a lot of your budget. If you're looking cut costs, metal folding chairs are the least expensive option, as they typically sell for about fifteen dollars a chair. Metal folding chairs are not the most comfortable or best-looking banquet chairs, but they are lightweight and durable. If you're buying metal folding banquet chairs, make sure they are made with quality steel and are well sealed to prevent rust.

Concern: Expense and Comfort

If you're looking for more comfortable chairs that won't break the bank, chairs with plastic seats/backs and metal frames might be a good choice. Usually selling for about twenty dollars each, these hybrid chairs are more comfortable than all-metal chairs-- the plastic backs and seats are flexible and better able to contour to a person's body. Plastic and metal chairs are also lighter than all-metal chairs, making storage and setup easier.

Concern: Comfort and Style

Higher-end folding banquet chairs are made of wood or resin. Folding wood chairs often come with padded seats, which are comfortable, customizable, and attractive. The main advantage of this kind of chair is looks-- they're the nicest looking folding banquet chairs you can buy. They're also the most expensive, typically selling for 25 dollars or more.

Concern: Flexibility and Comfort

Stackable banquet chairs also come in a wide variety and can be quite nice-looking. Stacking chairs are generally more expensive than folding chairs-- the least expensive stacking banquet chairs sell for about thirty dollars, with top-of-the line models selling for 150 dollars or more. These chairs have the advantage of being generously padded, upholstered and larger than folding chairs. They also tend to be wider than folding chairs, which make them the most comfortable. One important consideration when choosing upholstered stacking chairs is to select an appropriate fabric. If you're going to us the chairs for food service, it is best to use a dark-colored, stain-resistant fabric. Remember that stacking chairs are heavier, bulkier and take up much more storage space than folding chairs.

Today's banquet chairs come in astounding variety, but if you carefully consider what your needs are and stay within your budget, you will easily find the best option available to you. Start by doing a simple Internet search, browsing styles and prices, and educating yourself. The rest will come easy.