Bar Stools come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. When choosing the right stool for you think about style, comfort, and functionality and also the right colour to suit your kitchen, bar or cafe. Here are some tips on choosing the right size, style and functionality for your bar stool.

Choosing the right Size

There are several measurements to consider when choosing bar stools.

Most stools are designed to go under or near a bar. The height of the bar will determine the height of the bar stool. You ideally need enough room for a person to sit comfortably, legs crossed on the stool while under or near your breakfast bar.

Look at the length of the breakfast bar and from that work out how many stool will fit comfortably along it. Bear in mind that people will swivel on the stools and knees will knock if they are too close together. Most of our stools are quite wide and they all include a swivel feature.

Some stools have arms rests. These rests often are quite high and can catch on or damage the bar especially on swivel stools. If you want arm rests or swivel features ensure that the height of the stools is less than the height of the breakfast bar.

High back bar stools can fit comfortably partially under the bar. If however you want you put the stool away chose a lower back bar stool.

Choosing the right Style

There are a huge array of bar stools to choose from - wood, plastic, steel and even acrylic to choose from. The sleek look of aluminum or stainless steel creates a wonderfully contemporary look and feel to your kitchen

To keep with a retro style look for backless bar stools. More adventurous designs include our new Cuban and horizon ranges.


Think about where the stool will be used and could it be used in more than one location (such as in the kitchen, in the dining room or even outside on hot summer days. You will nearly always find that the gas lift and swivel features of our stools will be an important part of your stool enjoyment. The swivel function makes conversation easier and means you don't have to move the stool to look at your complete environment. The gas lift features enables you to use the stool with people of different heights and weights comfortably.

You will need a cushioned seat if you think they might be used for long periods of time - although our curved designs are quite ergonomic.