Most offices today run under a corporate or semi-corporate regime, which requires an employee to spend at least 8 hours a day seated in a chair. There is hardly any time for exercise or physical activity. All these factors slowly affect regular office goers and health problems relating to back and neck begin to develop. Therefore, it has become extremely important to work on ergonomic office chairs so that employees do not feel any kind of discomfort due to the long hours. The need for ergonomic chairs.

Ergonomic office chairs are created to provide the best possible comfort for those working long hours, primarily in front of the computer. These chairs provide the necessary support so that there are fewer back pains, neck strains and other associated problems which would otherwise arise. A regular chair simply does not have the shape or the requirements which can provide the same benefits. While these chairs are obviously pricier than regular models, they provide immense health benefits to your employees. Most office staff today are facing serious symptoms of spondylitis or similar problems. Would you want your employees to be facing the same? Remember that physically unfit workers are not mentally prepared for productive work.

How to recognize an ergonomic chair?

There are many companies in the market which try and sell regular chairs at high prices claiming they are ergonomic chairs. Such deals are a loss in every way. Here are some features of ergonomic office chairs which would help you recognize them.

- The seats should be properly adjustable 
- Contoured lumber support at the back of the chair
- Adequate seat width and depth 
- The arm rests should be long enough to support the hand of an average office worker
- A swivel feature which allows the worker to rotate on the spot. This allows greater mobility so that rigidity does not set in
- A manual should accompany the chair so that it can guide the user to make adjustments according to their requirements

All these features should be normally present and active. Despite these features however, there may be some employees who may be too tall or short or for some other reason, do not feel comfortable with the particular chair. This cannot be helped much as there cannot be a customized for every working staff. It helps to maintain a general standard so that minor adjustments can fit most of the employees. It is unwise to neglect the importance of good ergonomic office chairs.Injuries in the spine and neck region are not only harmful but also irreversible in most cases. Do not jeopardize the health of your employees to save little amount of money; invest in good ergonomic chairs for better health and better productivity.

Selecting chair type

1. Executive Office Chairs /Conference Chairs: Project a sophisticated image with our executive/conference seating selections. Ergonomic design and lasting comfort combine to create stylish, durable chairs that enhance any office setting 
2. Your personal work space: Task chairs look, feel and function in unique ways to suit a variety of work tasks. Computer chairs and work chairs should be stable with advanced tilt features and height adjustable settings from a seated position. It should provide good support for your body especially for your lower back
3. Intensive Use: Generous proportions on the seat back and user-friendly controls to ensure all day comfort. 
4. Visitors/Public Seating: Designed with welcoming comfort and style in mind, visitors chairs and reception seating should make a good impression and offer an

Inviting spot for guests in offices and reception areas.