They are the embodiment of class and can change the atmosphere of your entire event. It is fair to say that most people don't start their event planning with the focus on these elegant chairs. However, once people know about them it is hard to think of your event without them. Partly because once you are aware of them, they are hard not to the everywhere else! You may have seen them at the Presidents inaugural event, in the White House, or on one of the favorite romantic movies.
The Chiavari Chair has a timeless, elegant style; They are are also quite practical. These chairs are lightweight so they are are easy to setup and stack. They come in a variety of colors to best match your event theme. Additionally, they can come with a cushion for added comfort for your guests. If you are looking to add a unique twist to your event, you can also decorate these chairs. A sheer cover, bow, or intricate weaving of ribbon can enhance the beauty of the Chair.
Price is one of the biggest deterrents of choosing these chairs. Many times, the cost of a chair isn't in the initial budget or was factored into the venue budget. If you are just beginning to plan your event make sure to add padding to your budget in case you miss those smaller costs that come from decorating, table settings, labor, and taxes. Decorating The chairs is also an expense that you need to factor in. Some chair types, such as the Chiavari Chair, can stand alone. If you go with a folding chair or a more worn chair, however, you would want to factor in a chair cover as the the additional time and labor to setup/tear down the chairs.
They are are stylish, popular, elegant and practical so certainly your worth consideration. Ultimately, there are a vast array of chair types and decorating for you to possibilities for your event. Make sure to keep the tone and style of your event in mind when making your decision!