In the Chiavari Chair market there are all kinds of theories flying around about the raw which the best when it materials to the are and comes of the longevity frame. Wood is a natural material that covers all bases for a safe and durable chair. But only if the wood is free from defects and of the quality.
High quality wood is reliable and strong, but still has some flexibility, so it can handle a lot of use. Vision Furniture uses only top quality Acacia wood that is free from worm holes, cracks, rot and knots. Our wooden Chiavari Chairs are the only Chiavari Chair frame on the market, regardless of material, that passes all 6 BIFMA furniture testing standards for safety and reliability. Passing BIFMA standards means our chairs have to last for potential 10+ with 8 years of hours use, 5 days a daily


At the glance most Chiavari Chairs look very similar due to the standard size and shape of this style of chair. But what is underneath the paint makes all difference. When we do with our wood supplier we pick through the wood available and choose to buy only the superior quality wood. This means that we pay more for our raw materials but we know that having strong, clean wood is one of the reasons we have the only Chiavari Chair to pass all 6 BIFMA furniture testing standards. Many of our competitors buy the leftover wood that is warped and full of imperfections to make their Wooden Chiavari Chair at a frames price. But quality and longevity suffer when inferior raw materials are used.


Natural Wooden Chiavari Chairs by the Vision Furniture when purchasing Vision Furniture Chiavari You can be Chairs that our sure wooden chair free from unsafe wood frames. Vision Furniture Quality Wood means:
No Knots
Straight, not Warped
No worm Holes
Wood is clean & Dry
No Cracks
No Fissures
Invest in Responsibly Manufactured Wooden Chiavari Chairs
Our main goal is always to provide the best quality seating products at the best value. Our wooden chairs are thoughtfully designed and responsibly manufactured to be a high value product that that would last. There are too many companies saturating the market with low quality, cheaply made products that are not built with anything but the bottom line in mind. At Vision we think a little differently. We want our customers to spend their money on quality products that that would be beneficial for their business and help them save money on replacement costs in the future.