A chaise lounge or to give it its proper French name "chaise longue" is the ideal piece of furniture for either your patio, deck, pool area or more likely an indoor setting like the bedroom or sitting room. A fully upholstered lounger is a very plush and comfortable item of furniture adding that touch of royalty to your bedroom. Outdoor loungers are usually not so heavily upholstered because of their setting but with some cushioning can be just as comfortable as their indoor counter-parts.

This item of furniture can really take the edge off a tough day at the office or if you have been toiling in the garden. Chaise lounges are available in a multitude of designs, styles and colors which makes finding one that will fit in with your surroundings an easy task. The unique design of a chaise lounge makes it an extremely comfortable place to kick back and unwind and whether your choice is for inside the home or outside they are a very functional addition.

The outdoor loungers come in a variety of different finishes such as; wood, metal, plastic, or the all time favorite wicker. The many colors you can choose from makes it very easy to get a chaise lounge that will blend in with its surroundings.

The classic indoor chaise lounge screams French decadence with its flowing lines and hardly a straight line or ninety degree angle in sight. French furniture makers are well renowned for their artistic flair and of being able to bring a touch of romance to their furniture and this is nowhere more obvious than in the classic chaise lounge. So if you're looking for a classy but somehow romantic piece of furniture whether for the bedroom, sitting room, or even your study the chaise lounge is your only choice, its like buying two pieces of furniture in one. Firstly there's the comfort, the long chair allows you to stretch out, lie down or sit virtually in any position, so it's great for reading a book or for taking an afternoon nap. Secondly it's extremely good looks make it very difficult for an ordinary chair or sofa to match its plush, smooth lines.

This French inspired romantic piece of fine furniture adds a feeling of warmth to a sitting room and can be dressed up with just a few small scatter cushions. One thing that seems to surprise a lot of people is that today's chaise lounge has such a wide range from which to choose from. The first image that comes to mind for most people is something that's all white and tinged with gold edging, whilst this style is still available and would fit in comfortably with a formal living room; the modern and contemporary designs with their clean looking sleek designs are proving to be very popular. They come with a complete line of fabrics to choose from that will add a modern feel to a very classic design.

The chaise lounge should actually come with a warning; whilst most people will buy one for their good looks and classy appearance they will tend to make you spend a lot more time lounging than actually doing boring housework.