Regular cleaning and care of your bean bag chair keeps it looking like new and extends its life. One of the advantages of this type of furniture is that they have easier maintenance and care than regular furniture. You simply decant the bean filling (or whatever type of filling you use), or separate the bean-filled inner liner from the other cover, and either hand- or machine-wash the cover if it is made from cotton, heavy polyester, denim, sofa chenille, cotton canvas or herringbone. You don't need to remove the covers of vinyl or leather bean bag chairs; just wipe or scrub lightly with a wet cloth or sponge.

Use warm water and a mild cleaner such as surface spray cleaner or liquid dish soap to remove dirt and dust. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to get rid of stubborn stains. Avoid using abrasive cleaners to prevent scratching the fabric. Also avoid using household cleaners or solvents on vinyl chairs. These types of cleaners tend to remove plasticizers and can make the vinyl become brittle. Dark colored (i.e., black) bean bag furniture may need to be regularly brushed with a lint brush, since these dust and lint tends to show up more readily on these colors than on neutral or bright tones. Never immerse a bean chair in water. Normally there's no need dry clean the covers unless it's specified somewhere on the fabric's label.

Keep your bean bag chairs on smooth carpeted or hardwood surfaces. Don't place bean furniture on concrete. If you have pets, consider getting one specifically for your pets to keep pet hair and dander off of your furniture. Don't let your kids jump on inexpensive brands; as jumping may cause the seams to burst on cheaper quality bean chairs. Avoid sitting on bean furniture with accessories or clothing with sharp metal edges to avoid them tearing the fabric.

Keep your new furniture safe by purchasing only bean bags equipped with safety locking zippers to prevent the beans or other filling from spilling out and accidentally getting into the mouths of small children or pets. Alternatively, look for brands that do not use the typical Styrofoam pellets for added safety and longevity. If you have any bean bag furniture that doesn't have safety locking zippers, remove the zipper pull from the zipper and use a paper clip when you need to unzip it, or if feasible, sew the zipper shut.