The executive chair is perhaps one of the most important iconic pieces of furniture in any office. To a few, it is the symbol of the executive's success in reaching the top level of the corporate ladder. To others, it is the symbol of influence which is not different from a king's throne. It is the place were big decisions are made and where careers are progressed or retrogressed. The basic use of the executive chair is just like any other ordinary chair which is to seat a person. However the previous carries along with the status symbol not like an ordinary chair so it is significant to be careful while choosing the chair.

Generally, a regular chair will be smaller than the executive chair. Its size gives him an image of power and dominance to the person who are sitting on it. In addition, this chair will be more expensive because it is made up of expensive materials. The primary example for this type is the leather chair. The kind of the material used for this kind exudes class and elegance that is befitting of the executive. Resting arm on the wood of the accent adds to the image of the class. Apart from the image, this chair helps to create another important thing to consider is its ergonomics. Ergonomics means study of people efficiency in their working environments.

The designer of the executive chair should design such away that it can support the executive's back well in order to prevent back and neck strain. Therefore all in all careful considerations must be taken while buying an executive chair. It is being the symbol of the company's power, so it is important to have a chair that plays the part very well.