The food, the decorations, the guest list - you have enough to take care of at your next event without worrying about your seating. For the occasional ceremony, it might be more cost-effective to rent a hall and a set of furniture. But if you're a die-hard organizer, there are few better investments you can make than in your seating. A great set of banquet chairs can save you time, money, and hassle.

But how do you find the right kind? There are several important qualities you need to balance to find the right banquet chair.

Toughness. The toughest banquet chairs by far are all metal folding chairs. If your parties or events will take you outside or they demand heavy traveling, a metal folding chair may be the way to go.

Comfort. If your events may go on past an hour, you need banquet chairs with padding. The more uncomfortable your seating, the more your guests are likely to fidget, shift, and distract from the focus of your event. Choose chairs with either a padded seat or a padded seat and back to keep everybody calm and comfortable.

Versatility. Need your chairs to be there and gone at a moment's notice? Want chairs that don't mind a little travel, and can roll with events that include food and drink? Vinyl upholstered stack chairs offer a good balance of toughness, comfort, and versatility. Their stacking capabilities let you create towers of chairs that can be easily moved with a stack chair dolly - and then stored. Vinyl upholstery is very resistant to stains and spills, so you'll be able to offer your guests the comfort of padded chairs without worrying about the cleanup.

Style. The most stylish banquet halls need the most stylish banquet chairs. The highest end banquet seating is generally made with wood. Wood banquet chairs are available in a variety of finishes and often dozens of upholstery choices. But if you need to balance your budget with your style, many metal banquet chairs come with silver or gold finishes and uniquely detailed back designs that will give you an original, stylish look at a lower cost without sacrificing strength.

Remember: the only banquet chairs you want are the ones that fit your needs.