Today, both the classic and newer versions of the bar stoolhave become a commonplace piece of both functional and decorative furniture in many homes, condominiums and apartments. Whether a simplewooden bar stool for a small bar in a basement family room, entertainment center, and game room or at a bar/counter in the kitchen; they fill various needs and come available in a wide range of styles including versions of classic and modern black leather chair styles.

Once thought of as uncomfortable, bar stool/chair designs now incorporate the comfort of many upholstered armchairs. Among this variety of bar stools are designs more akin to elegant chairs found in the living rooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms, and parlors simply adapted for use at a counter top, bar, or a table setting. Yet, they retain the amenities of a bar stool with the extra height, foot rests, and swiveling seats for seating ease and comfort without floor scratching, table jarring and spillage.

The new phenomenon of pub/bistro tables and their accompanying bar stools/chairs accentuate the homeowner's feeling of uniqueness. Now, the desire to import the local pub/bar feeling of conversation and camaraderie into the home has resulted in the intervention of the home furniture designer and the designer in us.

A bistro or bar table is a small round or square table standing at 36 inches (counter height) to 40 inches (bar height) high and providing seating for 2 to 4 people. These unique tables and chairs are perfect for a small eating nook in the kitchen, entertainment, or game room. The appropriate chairs represent an important choice both for their comfort and for contribution to the overall d?cor.

Besides the obvious choices of swiveling or fixed, adjustable height, wooden or metal construction all presumably in accordance with desired comfort and effect, you can choose backrests and armrests and upholstery for even more comfort and elegance.

Probably the most eye-catching designs are made of fine hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, or mahogany stained and finished like any fine piece of furniture. This is then combined with seat and backrest upholstered in the finest materials such as top grain black leather for old world elegance. Black leather chairs are also an ideal compliment to metal construction such as stainless steel, wrought iron, or chrome.

Just using such a handsome, heightened black leather chair as an accent piece creates a whole new look for a room and can serve a function as unique extra seating for social occasions. Accentuate your home with the sophisticated appeal of these old barroom fixtures given new life in the home.