Black leather chairs are extremely popular nowadays at home and office as well. Many people started to go for this colour as it's really 'in' these days. First of all real leather is very durable, long lasting and a quality material. Usually leather can remain in good condition for a long time, unless it's really abused or left uncared for. The combination of the black color with leather makes for a powerful product which people love buying all the time.

When you have a black leather chair, you need to really care for it well. Afterall it's an investment that must have been quite expensive, particularly if you went for real leather material, not some cheap imitation. In order for the leather to keep from cracking over time, you need to clean it properly on a regular basis.

If you're working in front of your computer the whole day, I'm assuming that you have a black furniture set and chair at work and at home as well. It is a fact that the more you actually sit in it, the better care it needs to remain fresh and clean all the time. Also if you have kids, avoid letting them sit on the chair and eat their sweets or food as the leather will crease over time and it might not be so easy to repair afterwards. Treat your black leather chair for what it is: an expensive - yet useful - piece of furniture that you need to care for to love you back.

Depending on how much sun you get in your office, you need to ensure that your chair does not get constantly exposed to direct sunlight. This will make the material fade in color and it will seriously depreciate the value of your chair if you ever want to sell it. Also if you have a sofa of leather, it will become faded and ugly with prolonged exposure to direct sun or strong heat. So keep any leather furniture pieces away from any direct sunlight. This means not letting them sit next to a fire place or radiator, or just below the window where the sun can shine through all day long.

Leather is very durable if you care for it, however it can also get destroyed, like anything else around you. If you have pockets with sharp tools in them, like keys or anything else with sharp edges, take them out of your pocket before sitting down on your black leather chair. This will avoid the material from being cracked or scratched or even torn.