It doesn't matter what your size and shape might be having a chair that is right for your body is of the utmost importance. Ergonomically speaking a chair can do a lot to prevent office injuries. Getting a chair that is built to fit not only your size, but your shape will go a long way in helping your body stay at its best. When looking for a big and tall office chair there are some things to keep in mind.

Here are some things to remember when looking for a chair:

• Your feet should be flat on the floor. 
• Your knees and forearms should both sit at a 90 degree angle. 
• Your head should be up and your back should be straight. 
• You should have two to four fingers width of space between your calves and the front of the seat. 
• The lower back should feel snug against the back of the chair. 
• The office chair should tilt slightly forward. 
• Your hands should comfortably reach the keyboard from the arm rests of the office chair. 
• The office chair should have a head rest and it should allow for your head to lean on it when in an upright sitting position.

All of these points need to be taken into considering when purchasing an office chair. It is important to take your time and really look at all of your options before buying a chair. You should also make sure that you know your own measurements. A chair that is meant for a big or tall person will still have limits and different thing available. If you need the head rest for a specific height make sure that the chair you order meets your needs.

There are many places where a big and tall office chair can be order, but take your time and really shop around. So many choices and so many options it can feel overwhelming, but by choosing slowly and carefully you are more likely to get a chair that meets your needs and you really like.

Also keep in mind the websites that show privacy settings, meaning, they are a secure company to purchase the chairs from. There are many companies that seem to offer a good chair, but then do not meet the expectations of the customer's needs, which then can become a big problem for the customer because they will need to return the chair, so chose the website wisely and call them to ask questions.