Home office furniture can be one of the biggest investments in your home based small business. It is very likely you will also sit in some kind of chair in front of your computer screen for more hours than you will care to admit when generating that second income from home. Before purchasing your chair, you need to consider many factors.

Frequency of Sitting

Is your home based small business one where you will be in front of the computer or on the phone for long stretches of time? If so, you will want the good support and comfort a well designed chair can provide. Not having a comfortable place to sit while you work is much more important than you might think. The wrong support leads to back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, sciatica, or tail-bone or coccyx pain. Pain can lead to less productive time and can be a significant loss of that second income if you can't produce the requested work. However, if the only time you sit is to quickly check your email or send invoice statements once a month, then your bargain variety would certainly suffice.

Comfort and Style

The perfect home office chair needs to be as personal and untouchable by others as "the recliner" in your living room or den. Most office chairs are adjustable and having one at the right height is obviously necessary. The cheaper varieties, if adjusted often, will wear out quickly. There are big and tall chairs, tiny chairs and every size in between. For some home based small business entrepreneurs, an ergonomic kneeling chair is amazingly comfortable. The newer mesh back chairs are great if your office happens to be in a warmer environment. White mesh chairs add a modern flair and conversational element to your home office.

Proper Posture

Most home based small business entrepreneurs prefer the traditional "executive style" office chair with arms and adjustable height. If your business activity has a large amount of keyboard data entry though, you might consider a chair with no arms. Freelance writers and medical transcriptionists often prefer this type as it works well with the proper hand alignment they need to practice when typing for long periods of time. A chair with arms lends itself to relaxation, which in tern leads to slumping. Although this feels good in the moment, it does not serve our fragile wrists and fingers. The proper typing positioning helps to prevent carpal tunnel.

Even if you rarely sit to conduct business, it is best to avoid the fold and stash type of chair, as they provide little comfort and support. Yes, they are inexpensive, but only useful if you are an instructor and need multiple chairs for short term sitting.

Custom Options

For the serious purchaser, there are companies that produce custom executive office chairs that are fitted to the user. Not only do these manufacturers customize the fit and form of the chair in height and weight, but also proper alignment. This may seem the ultimate decadence, however some home based small business entrepreneurs allow themselves a small degree of decadence. After all, that IS one of the joys of being the boss.