The Tiffany Chair or a.k.a Chiavari chair was created in 1807 by a carpenter from Chiavari in Italy, and since then, it has been used widely for weddings and upclass events worldwide. It is especially popular in Europe and in the United States, where you'll see it from Weddings to High society banquets, and even at Fashion Runways. It is such a beautiful creation that no one should skip it and use those awful ballroom chairs provided by hotel, covered by white seat covers and those colourful sash. 

Here are two photos, one is a wedding done by The Pixie Box at the Straitsroom, Fullerton Hotel and another one is sans the Tiffany Chairs. 

Notice the difference? the one with the conventional seat covers is pretty over used and too common, so for brides who wants to add that extra class to their wedding, do rent these chairs from us! :) you will not regret your decision!