Picture a 1970s dorm room; a Farrah Fawcett poster, a couple lava lamps, a black light and fiber optic display, PacMan, and a collection of Bad Company and Steely Dan albums. The objects we use to create our surroundings and express ourselves tell a great deal about our lives and our times.

Whether it be a child's bedroom or game room, a living room or den, the college dorm room, or even the waiting room of a doctor or dentist's office. Bean bag chairs are timeless.

How about custom logo bean bag chairs for a car dealer's waiting room. Why not pink or red in the sitting area of a nail or beauty salon? Maybe contemporary black leather for an attorney's office. Let us not forget an animal print or tie dye for the girl's bedroom, or a baseball or football bean bag for the future sports star in the family, or even a dark blue and white space theme for our future astronaut.

A camouflage Army Fatigue or Desert Storm makes an excellent addition to any military theme. Outdoor fabrics are perfect for the porch or lanai. There is a washable denim fabric for the teenager and a toddler size for the little ones. They can even be used as beds for your pets.

Then there are Sunday schools, preschools, kindergartens, day care centers, libraries, recreation rooms, party rooms, the list just goes on and on. The self expression with modern bean chairs is endless. Colors, fabrics, patterns, styles, sizes, custom logos you name it. The applications are limited only by the imagination. The modern version goes way beyond the brown bag filled with navy beans. New materials and designs makes them affordable, lightweight, safe and comfortable.

You can express yourself and let your children express themselves in a versatile and cost effective way. The days of the ugly Bean Bag Chair in the corner are long over!