If you have a home bar or kitchen counter separating the kitchen and the dining area, you might consider adding some barstool chairs. These are a kind of hybrid barstool that works like a chair but is taller. They have seatbacks, cushioned fabric, leather, or wood seats, and often have armrests. While primarily made to be used with home bars or tall counters, they can also be used as stand-alone pieces of furniture in the living room or study.

A fairly recent trend has been the introduction of ergonomics in barstool designs. You'll find this is definitely the case with barstool chairs for home use. Features like tilting seats and seatbacks, adjustable heights, and added cushioning are being introduced in more and more chairs. This trend gives you more options in terms of how you use the chairs in your home.

Another clear benefit of this kind of barstool in the home is versatility. Kids can use them for homework or watching TV. Adults can use them for virtually anything that requires sitting for any length of time. Because they blend the best of both traditional barstools and regular chairs, you end up with more comfortable seating that puts you in a taller position, increasing the practical uses.

The materials used to make barstool chairs vary quite a bit, just like other furniture. It's easy to find stools that match virtually any other furniture you have in your home, making them a lot easier to shop for. Wrought iron seems to be a popular material, as well as oak, pine, and even cherry. You'll also find a lot of combinations, such as stainless steel or aluminum frames around wood seats and seatbacks.

A good tip is to pay particular attention to the quality of the seat and seatback cushioning in the barstool chairs you consider buying. This is especially important if you know the chairs will get a lot of use. Look for durable fabrics, vinyl, or thick leather and lots of stuffing in the seats to make long-term sitting more comfortable.